Liberate Debt

Are you ready to be Liberated from your Debt?

Our Story

We are an independent Financial Services firm specializing in verification of unsecured debts by applying the rules and regulations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Our programs provide education and services that can help you on a path to your financial freedom.

Our Philosophy

Every Consumer has a right to verify and validate any unsecured debt claimed against them by any Creditor before paying.

We offer boutique-style service, tailoring programs to your unique debt situation. We provide you with the best possible financial outcome with unparalleled customer service. Our results are guaranteed.

Our Services

Debt Validation Program

Debt Validation refers to a consumer’s right to challenge a debt and receive verification of a debt from a Debt Collector.

Debt Negotiation or Debt Settlement

Debt Negotiation or Debt Settlement is the process that benefits all parties with the scales tipped on the side of the Consumer to bring an amicable end to obligations.

Credit Restoration

The process by which credit lines are returned to their original condition by repairing, clearing or removing them to create a clean and fresh start.

We Want To Free You From Your Debt!

We can make your unsecured debt non-collectible & unenforceable guaranteed.

Credit Card

Have you maxed out your credit cards? Are you falling deeper into debt? We know exactly how that feels. And it is definitely overwhelming, leaving you wondering how you are ever going to pay your bills, yet ever be able to pay them off. This is where we can be of great help to you. Make the call! We are ready to take away your worry & stress.

Student Loans

Higher education costs are going up each semester every year, and that makes it much more difficult for your and your family to afford paying the cost for your higher education. Get with us and we will definitely help you with your Student Loan(s)!

Medical Bills

Did you know that nearly 1 in 4 American adults under the age of 65 has some medical debt (according to the results of a new study by the Urban Institute)? Most Health Insurance in the U.S. only covers part of your incurred medical costs. We’ll be happy to help you with your Doctor, Labs, Hospital and Surgery invoices. Relax and give us a call. You’ll be glad you did!


• Liberate Debt is not affiliated with the following: any local, state or federal government agencies; credit lenders, banks or collection agencies. We are not a lender, a legal advice service or a legal tax service. We are an independent company that specializes in the development and administration of documents to assist debtors with the necessary paperwork needed to complete the validation process. If you need legal or financial advice, please contact an attorney or financial professional.

• Ability to Apply for Relief. You can validate or negotiate alternative repayment programs on your own, without paid assistance, through the rules laid out by the FTC; Each of the FTC’s validation processes has specific conditions and requirements that must be satisfied, and borrowers may not be able be to fully perform the process.